Films & Words - A Skin Too Few - The Days of Nick Drake with guest lecture from Legendary Philadelphia DJ Michael Tearson

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Films & Words - A Skin Too Few - The Days of Nick Drake with guest lecture from Legendary Philadelphia DJ Michael Tearson

Michael Tearson, Hadley

Sun, February 24, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

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A Skin Too Few - The Days of Nick Drake
A Skin Too Few - The Days of Nick Drake
"I always say that Nick was born with a skin too few", tells actress Gabrielle about her brother, the English singer-songwriter Nick Drake (1948-1974). It took twenty post-humous years for his music to gain recognition. The documentary 'A Skin Too Few' approaches the silent landscapes, locations, people and music in the life of this unorthodox loner in the hope of understanding his state of mind.

Nick Drake is one of rock's most tragically romantic figures. There were only 26 years between his birth and his death; a time span that for many would be far too short to develop a talent, or realise an ambition or dream. Nick Drake captured time, beauty, loss, and wistful desires with precision in subtle songs.

One autumn morning in 1974, Nick's parents were unable to wake their son. Nick Drake died silently and unobtrusively, and to this day it isn't clear whether his death was self-determined or unintentional. The significance of the three albums he left the world was only discovered two decades after his quiet passing. Now his music is more popular than ever and appears in big film productions and television commercials.

The late success is all to bizarre considering Nick Drake's tortured existence. Except for boarding school and Cambridge University he seldom left the parental home, and contact with others became a tremendous effort. His sensitivity was the basis for his talent but at the same time made him unable to face and audience. Caught in the spiral, he became increasingly embittered by his lack of success and gradually isolated himself. The testimonies in 'a Skin Too Few' describe an artist of integrity who symbolises the destructive effect of loneliness.

Directed by - Jeroen Berkvens
Photography - Vladas Naudrzius
Sound - Eddy de Cloe
Editing - Stefan Kamp
Audio Postproduction - Michel Schopping
Executive Producer JB Macrander / LuitjenMacrander Productions

48 minutes, stereo
Michael Tearson
Michael Tearson
After all these years of album rock radio (WXPN 1967-70, WDAS-FM 1970,WMMR 1970-76 and 1978-1996, WXPN 1992-1996, WBZC 2001-2009, Sirius and Sirius/XM 2002-2015) Michael Tearson is currently producing 3 weekly free/on demand webcasts--his most adventurous and diverse work--for 2 sites: 1 for and 2 (Marconi Experiment and The ATTIC [sic]) for iradiophilly | Philadelphia's Internet Radio Community. He also plays live as much as he can as a folk singer, either solo or with his band, the Co-Conspirators. He has acted in nearly 50 TV shows and films; Blow Out, Dressed to Kill, 12 Monkeys prominent among these.
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