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Saturday, June 22
Show | 8pm // Doors | 7pm

The Vinyl Artifacts started as a group of guys getting together to play an open mic. We started as a trio with me (Elliott Mazur) on guitar and vocals, Andrew Reynolds on bass, and Luke Wagner on drums. Through the next year or so we had played at many other open mics in the area and a show at La Verona. After performing as a trio for a a year we realized we needed a lead singer. Luckily I knew someone who would be perfect for the spot. I asked Zach Powell if he wanted to do our second La Verona show with us to give him a test run to see how it would go. The show was outstanding and I realized that Zach was the perfect lead singer for the band.

As we move through the next couple years we continue to play as a four piece but had thoughts about bringing in a keys player. Up at school I happened to be really good friends with someone who played keys. I invited him to play a show with us to see how he would like it. Well, needless to say, adding keys brought out a whole new side of the band. Right after that show Michael DiPuppo became the new keyboardist for the Vinyl Artifacts.

We have been together for about five years now and have enjoyed every second of it! Every show, every rehearsal, or every time Luke throws something at someone, it’s always enjoyable!


Grant Owen

Grant grew up in a musical environment and has been writing and singing songs for as long as he can remember. Over the last few years, he found that his purpose is to make music that inspires people. There’s something about music that unites all of mankind together. His aim is to write anthemic songs that point people to hope and positivity. Blending, nostalgic sounds with fresh modern tones, you’ll never forget seeing him live.