BYOB, Concessions, Food

Outside food and beverage (aside from BYOB) is not permitted at the Kennett Flash.

A selection of non-alcoholic beverages, snacks and candy is available for purchase.

The Kennett Flash partners with La Verona to provide audience members with the ability to order fresh, gourmet pizzas ready within 10 minutes of ordering (subject to availability). Please order pizzas from the Kennett Flash concession stand. Cash is preferred.

B.Y.O.B. Policy
Audience members who pay the $5 BYOB fee are limited to one bottle of wine or one six pack per person. The Kennett Flash has the authority to inspect all packages at the door. No hard liquor or spirits are allowed. Glasses and corkscrew provided.

The Kennett Flash is a nonprofit performing arts organization. The Kennett Flash operates an all-ages, stage-centered, café-style listening room showcasing professional national, regional, and local music, comedy, children’s programs and more.

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